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By Craig Hastings
I need your help.
I’m trying to figure out this whole global warming thing that many of the Democrats in Washington are talking about. I think at last count about 20 Democrats are reported to be running for President of the United States. Every single one of them are pushing the global warming agenda that they believe has as all of a sudden become a national emergency of epic proportions. Newly elected 29-year-old House Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez introduced her first piece of legislation shortly after taking office calling it, “The Green New Deal.” Apparently, somewhere in this bill Representative Cortez implies that unless and until the people of America stop polluting the air that this world will come to an end in her prediction of 12 years; year 2031.

If you believe anything that the “experts” in the field tell us, The United States contributes an estimated 5-7 percent of the pollution worldwide that Democrats/Cortez are referring to. Well, I don’t want to hear any Democrat or Republican talk about the end of the world coming anytime soon. I consider 12 years anytime soon. I want those same Democrats and Republicans to recruit the very best scientists supporting their views of this debate and put them on a world stage and talk to all of us average Joe Americans and help us understand what is the science of global warming.

I don’t want to be referred to anyone’s book or television special on the topic; no I want to see and hear the information live. I want to be able to judge for myself who has the more creditable scientific information on global warming. I don’t want to see these scientists debate. No, no, I want each of them, and I don’t care how many, to tell us what their opinions are based on real science. I’m not buying into the weather events crap as the absolute marker and alarm bell that the sky is falling and we all are surely to die. Surly to die unless you already have your underground home survival vault. Your totally secure emergency shelter that came to be from first tunneling deep into the side of a mountain. Then right in the middle of that mountain a 90-degree turn straight down was made stopping about a mile underground.

In your mountain you will have years of water supply, canned and dried food items, artificial air production, Monopoly board game, deck of cards, toilet paper, and plenty of those five gallon buckets that have the super air tight lids that you yourself screw on in privacy because no one else wants to do it for you! If you haven’t already planned for it, I would bore a tunnel much deeper than the living quarters tunnel so you can drop those buckets down into it for the next 4-12 years. The time it may take for the world to straighten itself back up in order to support human life outside again.

Enough comedy about The Twelve Year New Green Annihilation Deal! Unless I was lied to during my years 5-12 here in the District 301 school system; this planet called Earth has endured several severe climate and geographical changes in the millions of years of it’s existence. And all of these events took place tens of thousands of years before any man made pollutants were introduced into the atmosphere. The truth of all of this is that: THIS PLANET HAS ADJUSTED TO TEMPERATURE CHANGES THROUGHOUT ITS LIFE TIME! Man/woman will adjust to a new world environment just like all of the living creatures before us have done. Now, this perfect real estate we call America just might not be the same rich and providing land that it is now. Probably, if it were possible to find out, there were other land masses on earth that just may have been just as providing for the people who lived there as American soil does today. Who knows? Maybe?

Don’t misunderstand my position on the environment. I very much support replacing power supply and prosperity of invention with better, cleaner, and safer products. But, we have to do this as we go and “as we go” is over the next 50-70 years; not 12 years. For crying out loud! No one argues that America is responsible for just 5-7 percent of the Earth’s pollution. So how do The New Green Democrats plan to enforce their will on the rest of the world population that are guilty of dumping the majority of atmosphere dissolving chemicals into the air? That’s where this debate should focus. Democratic candidates please tell us your plan for world cooperation with this 12-year the sky is falling emergency! You won’t because you can’t! You can’t because it is NOT possible to negotiate with the biggest offenders out there worldwide!

Stop the lying! Please! Are all of these candidates so disconnected from the rest of us in middle America? How is that they don’t know we exist only because we use gas and oil products to survive right now. Would I love to own and drive every day a new electric powered Tesla automobile? Heck yeah I would, but I will forever want to buy 93 octane gasoline so I can drive my Shelby automobile. I will for the rest of my days want to eat beef. Alexandria Cortez wants us all to convert to vegetarians. She opines not only will we all realize better health from our conversions, but getting rid of all the cows and pigs is a two fold victory for the environment because these animals won’t be here on earth anymore to pass gas! People, I’m serious! She implies this in her argument for her New Green Deal legislation!

Well, unless any of you good citizens can change my mind, I’m not buying a mountain so to dig my survival chambers. I’m not buying an extra toilet seat for my only five gallon bucket I own. No, I’ll continue to use it to wash my gas and oil polluting cars. Over the next 12 years there will indeed be new weather related disasters. Will the Alexandria Cortez followers continue to repeat their “The sky is falling” terrifying messages? Yep. I want to know, do any of you or any of your friends and family believe any of this garbage coming out of the Democrats in Washington, D.C.? Right now it seems to me the only atmospheric gas being emitted into the air is coming from the mouths of most all of the politicians in D.C.

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