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Back in the Day – April 10, 2019

April 15, 2009

Recently re-elected Tuscola Mayor Dan Kleiss was one of dozens of Tuscola residents who participated in the first annual Illinois Marathon in Champaign-Urbana on April. Kleiss completed the half-marathon with a time of 2:24.44. There were 19 Tuscolians in the 5K, two in the full marathon, and 23 in the half marathon.

The TCHS Scholastic Bowl team won the matchups at the Parkland Challenge, a quiz bowl format that was televised on the Parkland TV Channel. They were set to face off with PBL in the Final Four. The team members included Lily Benner, Zach Bosch, Shannon Breen, Nick Moore, Michael Ovca, Chris Adams, and Coach Mark Sweeney.

Two Warrior seniors, Shane Albert and Kurtis Kinyoun, signed letters of intent to play baseball for Sauk Valley Community College Skyhawks in Dixon. Albert and Kinyoun were both coached by Ryan Tabeling.

The Great Egg Fashion Show and Egg Roll took place at North Ward prior to Easter weekend. The show and roll was a popular event for the third graders who got to roll eggs on a mat to see whose would roll farthest and dress up their eggs to win a contest. The winners of the Fashion Show portion of the contest were first place Lornah MacLean for her Rhino the Eggcellent, second place Grace Snider’s Panda themed entry, and a tie for third place between Kollier Wallace for his Mario Brothers and Bradley Kramer for his WWF theme.

April 13, 1999

New directors were appointment for the Tuscola Chamber of Commerce Board on April 6th. Those appointed were Scott Kibler, Jill Cochennour, Jim Slaughter, Bruce Hall, Jim Nees, and Pat Phillips.

The fifth and sixth grade Travel baseball teams were ready to kick off their season. The fifth grade team members included Tyler Surma, Lucas Wakefield, Mike Corum, Eric Arseneau, Jay Day, Shane Wasiloski, Jacob Hilgendorf, Harlan Gilmore, Jordan Kling and Clint Cleland. Coaching the fifth grade team were Steve Hilgendorf, Dave Arseneau and Pete Wasiloski. The sixth grade team included Klint Kroenung, Brody Little, Justin Long, Anthony Gunnell, Brian Bergeson, Tyler Binder, Justin Gensler, Justin Barr, Wade Hoey and Matt Rhodes. The sixth grade team was coached by John Binder and Larry Rhodes.

The Rev. Kenneth Roedder presented the 1999 Tuscola United Methodist Church Confirmation class including Brad Opperman, Ashley Brian, Brandon Willmore, and Nicholas Brian, all of Tuscola.

April 11, 1989

The American Legion Auxiliary chose 17-year-old Christy Capie, a TCHS junior, to represent Tuscola in the Girl’s State leadership conference at Eastern Illinois University. TCHS junior Kristy Leamon was chosen as the alternate.

An all-school assembly at TCHS was a surprise birthday party for new principal Mike Damler who turned 41 the previous Saturday.

Palm Sunday was a special day for four young members of the Immanuel Lutheran Church who were received into the communicant membership of the congregation by the rite of confirmation led by the Rev. Douglas Meyer. New church members included Erin Alexander, Michelle Swihart, Ben Sluder, and Michael Stevens.

The 1989 TCHS boys’ track team included: Stacy Pollock, Eric Alexander, David Henderson, Brent Washburn, Jamie McDonald, Nick Leonard, P. J. Richardson, Travis Skinner, Doug Cottle, Scott Zane, Tim Smith, Josh Harris, Darren Stabler, Brian Hatfield, Jarrod Coatney, Gary Alexander, Geoff Miller, Mark Kalmar, Greg Carter, Kyle Frederick, Scott Beeson, Jeff Buraglio, Rob Hardwick, Mike Holt, and Mark Crossman.

April 12, 1979

Dirk Dietrich, Angie Jordan, and Jean Hartman–all members of the Tuscola High School chorus–were chosen to be included in the 1979 edition of “Who’s Who in Music.”

Peter A. Merotti was named administrator of Jarman Memorial Hospital. Marotti was formerly administrator of a 150-bed skilled nursing facility in Pittsburgh.

Twenty-five East Prairie students entered project in the Illinois History Contest. Bruce Bird was awarded a first place for his watercolor, and Gigi Snyder and Toni Travis received second place ribbons for their ceramic Amish people.

April 10, 1969

Two elections were being held in the Tuscola area including the city council election and the question of whether or not to continue the prohibition of the sale of alcoholic liquor within the city limits. A substantial turnout was expected because of the wet-dry vote.

Marjorie Ann Todd, a junior at Tuscola High School and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Todd, was named as the delegate to attend Illini Girls State, which would be in session at MacMurray College.

The Tuscola Drive-In Theatre was showing four Boris Karloff moves in one program, all in color. The program included “Die Monster Die,” “The Terror,” “The Raven,” “and The Comedy of Terrors.” The shows were slated to begin at 7 p.m.

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