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Students learn about pork with Ag in the Classroom

High school students learned about pork production in a recent “Pork 101” lesson with Douglas County Ag in the Classroom. Illinois Pork Producers sponsored the grant that made this program possible.

First the cuts of pork were discussed using a colorful chalkboard style poster.  Then students filled out a worksheet labeling the cuts.

Next a slide show presented facts about pork production in Illinois. Illinois is ranked fourth in hog production. With more than 2,000 farms that raise pigs, Illinois contributes more than 6 billion pork chops a year. We discussed pork in our diet, how farmers keep pigs healthy, environmental issues that farmers address, and careers in the pork industry. Another visual display reinforced the number of careers available in the pork industry.

Pork by-products include cosmetics, glue, pet food, hair for brushes and human medicines. Students played a fun game of Pictionary using pork by-products as the clues.

Pork can be a lean source of protein and a valuable addition to our diet. To show how a tasty wrap can be an easy snack or quick meal, deli ham, an assortment of healthy tortillas, veggies, and cheeses were provided to the students. Students then assembled and enjoyed their own wrap creation.

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