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Real Life Wellness: Enough is Enough!

By Bill Hemmer
I have been writing these articles for years. And you might be thinking “He has to be running out of things to write about, doesn’t he?” Well the answer is absolutely not! The only goal of my practice and my life is to keep learning and to help people. The only way I can do that effectively is to keep learning! Because, as you know, there is always something new, there is always the latest diet plan or fitness machine. Remember your Real Life Wellness is a journey, it’s not a destination. Your journey starts the day you’re born and doesn’t end till the day you’re buried. So just enjoy the ride.

The reason I called this article “Enough is Enough” is very interesting. Over the last few months, I have been focusing my efforts on the critical part of any wellness program. This is the part when you decide to start a program. Any program. Everybody gets to a point when they say, “enough is enough,” and they make the decision to do something to make themselves feel better. The sad part of this “enough is enough” scenario is it is repeated over and over many times over the course of a lifetime, many times with very little success.

Over the last few months I have been asking people what finally made them say, “enough is enough.” In every case the answer was different. For some it was the way they looked. For others, it was the fact they couldn’t do what they used to do. Still others made the decision after a comment or a look they got from somebody else. Whatever the trigger it was they considered it a changing point in their life. Something inside them changed.

In my mind, that instant, that moment in time is a miracle. My definition of a miracle is probably much different than most people, because it doesn’t involve superhuman strength or unexplainable events. My definition of a miracle is the shift of awareness away from the darkness of our human despair to move towards the light of our human possibilities.

Every person on this planet has been given the gift of choice. Every second of every day any person can exercise this gift. When you decide to use the gift of choice to better yourself, in any way, you are truly working to make miracles happen. Just think if every person decided at the same instant to only choose love over hate. Do you think that would be a miracle?

So, every morning when you wake up you should go through your own little “enough is enough” ritual. If you do, you will be walking down the sunny side of the path on your journey through life. You can only control what goes on between your ears. Make that control count!

Next week, I’m going to discuss why “enough is enough” decisions usually aren’t enough to lead to long term changes in your life. Talk to you next week.

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