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Real Life Wellness: The thumping of your body clock

By Bill Hemmer
Last week I talked about how to manage your time. The first thing you must do is begin to put values on each activity you do each day. Some things you do are very high value activities, such as spend time with your family, exercise and sitting down for meals. Low value activities such as answering emails, sorting through junk mail or watching TV should be minimized. Once you get a better idea of how you actually spend time through your day you can begin to construct a more productive existence.

Another key factor for long-term success is to work within your personal body clock. Your body clock is the natural tendency of you being able to perform certain tasks better in certain parts of your day. A perfect example for me is writing. I can write so much better in the early morning than I can in the afternoon or evening. My train of thought won’t leave the station after lunch and I can get things down on paper very effectively.

If I had to write in the evening, I would be sunk. My brain is tired from working all day and all I want to do is enjoy family activities or mess around in the yard. I can do physical work with no problems, but mental work is slow, hard and not very good. So, I have learned to do my mental work as early as I can and leave my physical work till later in the day.

But this is my body clock. I know people who are the exact opposite. Some people aren’t morning people. Their brains don’t begin to work before noon. Forcing them to do mental work in the morning is torture. These people need to do brainless physical work like exercise in the morning to get the blood pumping into their brain. I know some people who become very creative and bright later in the evening or even at night. This is when these people need to work on mental tasks and leave the physical tasks behind. I know this stuff seems like common sense, but I see people violate these simple rules every day.

So, once you figure out what kind of work you need to be doing when, then look at your time log again. Are you doing the right high value activities at the right time? Are you doing your heavy brain work when you can be most productive at them? Are you exercising when you should be working on projects that require creativity? Only you can answer these questions. Once you do, then look how you can change your schedule to be more in-line with your body clock. Believe me it makes your Real Life much more productive and joyful.

Now that you have your time log and your body clock under control, what is next? Goal setting is the next very important part of the preparation process, we will begin to talk about that next week.

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