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Real Life Wellness: Making time for your real life

By Bill Hemmer
Last week I showed you how to do a time log. Every 15 minutes from the time you get up out of bed till the time you get back into bed you write down what you are doing for 1 week. I know this sounds difficult and maybe even stupid, but you will be amazed at how much time some things in your life take and how little time other things in your life take.  Remember, the whole idea of this exercise is for you to document and realize the current time you spend doing different activities in your day. This exercise isn’t about making judgments; this exercise is about making an inventory.

After you have your time log done, now what? Well, first you can just look at it and make some changes simply because you wrote it down. I hear things like, “I can’t believe it took 1 hour out of my day to go to the grocery store.” I also hear things like, “I didn’t realize I spend so much time reading magazines.” Whatever your realizations are, great!  Those are things that we can use as you move forward towards your Wellness goals.

Ok, now comes the judgment part. But I’m not talking about judgment in the “Judge Judy” sense of the word, I’m talking about judgment in the “what is truly important for you” sense of the word. You see, Wellness just isn’t about nutrition and fitness. It’s about making your time on this Earth the most productive, joyful and peaceful existence you can make it. So now you have to make some priority choices. What are the most important priorities in your life right now.

You are the only one that can answer that question. For some people, it’s losing weight to feel better about themselves and avoid chronic diseases. For other people, it is taking care of family members who are ill. For other people, it is earning a living, so they can provide for their family. For others, it’s getting rid of physical pain that rules their every day life. I could literally list 100’s of different choices for your priorities, but you get the idea.

So, write down 8 to 10 (at least two in each category) different priorities you have in your life. As you write them down, make sure you stay in balance with your priorities. In other words, don’t just write down priorities about physical goals, such as weight loss or pain reduction. Write down priorities in Chemical (diet, reducing toxicity, increasing water intake), Physical (fitness, pain reduction), Psychological (emotional, relationships), and Spiritual (nature energy, religious energy). Think of different priorities in each one of these four areas that you personally need to work on for more balance in your life. Make a list and write them down.

Then once you have your priority list made, take that list and compare it to your time log. Are your activities in line with your priorities? In other words, are you doing high value activities that take you towards your priorities or are you doing a lot of low value activities that just fill time. Put a LV next to low value activities and put an HV next to the high value activities.

Next week, I’m going to talk about another very important component of time management, your body clock. Set your alarm to read next weeks article.

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