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Letter: County ordinance lacking by today’s standards

Industrial Wind Farms target the small unprepared counties and townships. If you have access to a computer, do a little research. Douglas County isn’t the only county in the nation facing the prospect of adding an industrial wind farm. Look for an article written by Bob Lonsberry, titled “Metal Beasts on the Hill”.

Industrial Wind Farm has been in the offing for Douglas County since 2008. Douglas County amended a building ordinance greatly lacking by today’s standards, with regard to the size of these turbines, in 2009. Regardless, this industrial wind farm came as a surprise to a great many Douglas County citizens. Petitions from concerned residents of the Newman and Murdock townships were presented to the County Board, seeking a moratorium on permitting an industrial wind farm. This moratorium was rejected by the board.

In nearly two thirds majority voting in favor, the two townships chose to seek zoning ordinances, and proceeded to do so. Both townships appointing zoning committees of their own. Once these ordinances have been written, to be discussed and voted on by the Township Boards. Murdock Township completed this task.

These zoning ordinances are written to protect both those choosing to participate in an industrial wind farm, and personal and property rights of those individuals who wish not to participate. A simple search on the internet will supply those interested with numerous counties and townships, even states, taking second looks at the results of “short sighted” rules for wind farms. Champaign County, as an example, has provided strong protection for the citizens. In a recent court hearing Murdock Township prevailed on four counts. Be sure, big money will challenge the ruling.

My family and I have had numerous neighbors over the years, and we have never required one to pay thousands of dollars to be a “good neighbor”. Nor has it ever been asked of us.

Salespersons often paint glowing pictures of their products. Generation of electricity isn’t what’s driving these industrial wind farms. The generous subsidies provide the incentive. These giant turbines can’t face the wind without supplemental power to turn the nacelles, power from traditional power sources. There is a quote attributed to Warren Buffet; “We get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That’s the only reason to build them. They don’t make sense without the tax credit.” Who doesn’t trust Warren Buffet?

Chas Thomas
Villa Grove

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