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East Prairie boys take wins over Villa Grove, Paris Crestwood

By Caleigh Parsley
The seventh grade boys’ basketball team won over Villa Grove 18-16 on Dec. 4 when Austin Cummings, Jackson Barrett, and Jordan Quinn made two, Josiah Hortin earned eight, and Will Foltz scored two points.

These same boys also beat Paris-Crestwood 34-13 on Dec. 6 where Cummings, Barrett, Nate Thomason, and Brady Cain tallied two, Hortin excelled with 15, Foltz shot five, and Quinn added six points.

They now have an 11-3 record.

The eighth grade boys’ basketball team also beat Villa Grove 39-31. Easton Cunningham made four, Will Cowan and Robert Fancher shot two, Colton Musgrave and Boston Broady tallied nine, and Jordan Sanchez excelled with 13 points.

Though, the boys then were beat 36-26 by Paris-Crestwood two days later when Cunningham scored three, Fancher made five, Musgrave and Sanchez earned eight, and Broady tallied two points.

The team is 6-8 on the season.

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