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East Prairie boys’ basketball season underway

By Caleigh Parsley
Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade boys’ basketball team beat Okaw Valley 35-23 on Tuesday, Nov. 6 with Josiah Hortin scoring 11 points Jackson Barrett talling 4, Will Foltz totaling 7, Nate Thomason making four, and Jordan Quinn getting nine points.

Thursday, Nov. 8, these same boys defeated St. Matthew 37-19 where Austin Cummings scored four points, Josiah Hortin obtained 12, Jackson Barrett got seven, Nate Thomason earned four, Jordan Quinn made six, and Aiden Weaver and Sam Spencer both tallied two points.

Monday, Nov. 12 Tuscola lost to Charleston 31-43, but Austin Cummings got two, Josiah Hortin earned eight, Jackson Barrett made five, Will Foltz tallied seven, and Jordan Quinn scored nine points.

Tuesday, Nov. 13 the seventh grade surpassed Arcola 35-16. Josiah Hortin put together 14, Will Foltz got four, Nate Thomason and Jordan Quinn earned eight points each, and Brady Cain made a free throw.

Monday, Nov. 19 Tuscola outplayed Tri-County 37-4. Austin Cummings, Brady Cain, and Jordan Quinn scored two points each, Josiah Hortin made nine, Ty Thomason and Will Foltz earned six each, Jackson Barrett made five, Nate Thomason made a free throw, and Brayden Gough shot four baskets.

Tuesday, Nov. 20 Tuscola upset Decatur LSA 48-12. It was a huge scoring game where Austin Cummings and Will Foltz made eight each, Josiah Hortin earned 14, Jackson Barrett got 10, Brady Cain and Sam Spencer shot two each, and Jordan Quinn scored four points.

Eighth Grade
East Prairie’s eighth grade basketball boys surpassed Okaw Valley 34-12 on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Hunter Branca scored three points, Easton Cunningham scored 21, Ben Hornaday made two, Boston Broady had two, and Jordan Sanchez made six points.

Thursday, Nov. 8 they lost to St. Matthew 21-37. Although Easton Cunningham scored four, Will Cowan and Grant Kauffman both made two, Mason Jones shot one.

Monday, Nov. 12 the eighth grade boys basketball lost to Charleston 52-25 with Easton Cunningham scoring five, Will Cowan making three, Ben Hornaday and Boston Broady both tallied two, Colton Musgrave got four, and Jordan Sanchez excelled with nine points.

Tuesday, Nov. 13 Tuscola defeated Arcola 21-13 when Easton Cunningham made 13, Mason Jones shot four, and both Colton Musgrave and Grant Kauffman scored two points.

These same boys beat Tri-County 43-12 on Monday, Nov. 19 where Hunter Branca and Will Cowan made four each, Easton Cunningham earned 11, Colton Musgrave tailed 13, Boston Broady made eight, and Jordan Sanchez scored three points.

On Tuesday, Nov. 20 Tuscola topped Decatur LSA 27-16 in which Easton Cunningham scored 11, Colton Musgrave shot four, and Jordan Sanchez earned 12 points.

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