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By Bill Hemmer
Let’s talked about your cell membranes and its importance in your overall wellness. If your cell membranes are not working properly, the water and nutrients that are supposed to be inside your cells will leak outside your cells, and you won’t function at your peak. There is a specific test that can be performed to check your cell membrane health called a Bioimpedence Analysis.

This week I want to spend some time talking about your total body water. Your body is made up of about 70 percent water. Water is the best substance in your body to move nutrients from one part of your body to another. But another very important thing your body water does is dilute toxins in your body.

We all know we have toxins in our body, right? The food we eat has toxins, the water we drink has toxins, the drugs we put into our body has side effects, and the air we breathe is polluted. Man do we have toxins!

Now that you’re all bummed out, you need to know that your liver will come to your rescue. The human liver is one of the most amazing organs you have. The liver’s job is to take all of these nasty toxins, perform its chemical reactions and make these nasty substances into chemicals that your body can get rid of. And given the right environment, your liver does a fantastic job keeping those toxins from harming you.

But sometimes your liver just can’t keep up. It needs specific B complex vitamins and other components of your food to keep chugging along making your toxins harmless. And when your liver can’t keep up, toxins start to build up in your body. The longer these toxins stay in your body, the harder it is to get rid of them. So, your liver becomes even more stressed and the toxins set deeper into your system. But all is not lost; your body does have another defense against toxins…WATER.

The title of this article explains this point. Once the liver is working at capacity or is sluggish your body begins to retain as much water as it can. It does this in order to dilute the toxins to the best of its ability. I have literally seen people with 8 gallons of extra fluid in their body. They think it is all fat, but really it is all extra water that their body needs to dilute the serious amount of toxins they have in their body.

Not only do you have extra water inside your cells, you have extra water outside your cells. All of this extra water puts a tremendous load on your heart and lungs and blood vessels and leads to heart disease and high blood pressure. But your body is doing the best it knows how to keep those built up toxins from getting into high enough concentrations to cause even worse damage or even death.

So how can you help this problem? Clean out your liver. Since you can’t take it through the car wash and hose it down, you must give it all of the tools that it needs to work at full capacity. These tools are no strangers to you, vitamins, good foods, exercise and stress reduction are the tools necessary to clean up your liver and help get rid of the excess water.

Next week I’m going to shift gears a little and talk about a life changing discovery I made a couple of weeks ago. True wellness and illness have nothing to do with each other. Don’t miss it!

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