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Clean and Silver Spoon Awards

Submitted by Aaron Patrick, Environmental Health Specialist
The Douglas County Health Department would like to recognize the following food establishments with a “Silver Spoon Award” for a perfect inspection or a “Clean Spoon Award” for an inspection score of 95 or higher earned during the month of October, 2018; Inspections are spread over an entire year, and only the winners of October, 2018 are listed.

Silver Spoon Award
(Score 100%)

  • Villa Grove School
  • Hen House
  • Sav Mor Pharmacy
  • Shae’s Pub & Grub
  • Arcola Health Care Center
  • Promise Christian Academy
  • Yoder’s Homestead Shop
  • The Woodloft
  • The Smith House
  • Carriage Crossing
  • Itsa Pizza
  • Blondie’s Bar & Mexican Grill
  • Clean Spoon Award
    (Score 95 – 99)

  • El Rancho Grande
  • Jack Flash-Arcola
  • Tienda Mexicana Rejiomontana
  • The Douglas County Health Department will keep an ongoing list of Silver and Clean Spoon Award winners for the 2018 year and future years on the department’s Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and website. In this way, the monthly list will always be available.

    The Environmental Staff of the health department would welcome conversation about this program and other topics concerning the food program. We can be reached at 217-253-4137 or by email through our website,

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