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Real Life Wellness: Your Health Bank Account

By Bill Hemmer
Think of yourself as having a health bank account. You start your life as a child with no debt. Your health bank account is full to the brim. Your ability to heal and resist stress in all of its forms is never better. All of your organs and tissues can regenerate themselves quickly and with little effort. This is when you are truly living the healthy life we all dream about.

As your health bank account gains more debt, from poor lifestyle choices, the environment, injuries and illnesses, your ability to bounce back after a stressful event becomes more difficult. The more debt you have, the harder it becomes to bounce back and the more likely a disease process can come in and take up residence in your body.

Over time, what used to be easily accomplished and handled becomes more difficult. It takes longer to get over things. Your energy gets zapped for longer periods of time. Your ability to live a healthy lifestyle begins to go away.

So, as you build new habits or keep old ones, keep in mind this represents where your health bank account is right now. This also represents your current ability to handle stress. The best news is you can get your health bank account back down to zero debt when you build the right plan to do so.

The whole point of thinking this way is for you to get a simple picture of where you currently find yourself and how long it might take you to get your health bank account full again. But remember, this doesn’t happen unless you are fully and completely committed to doing what it takes.

Your Individual Parts of Your Health Bank Account

In general, there are 3 different stages of filling your health bank account. Stage 3 means your health bank account for that gland or process is running on empty. Ideal or Stage 1 means the health bank account for that gland or process is full and ready for anything life can throw at it. Stage 2 is when your health bank account is OK, but isn’t full or empty, but somewhere in the middle.

There are 3 parts to your health bank account. The digestive matrix, blood sugar matrix and Stress organ matrix. All 3 individual matrix are combined to come up with your overall balance of your health bank account right now.

The significance of this is your ability to handle stress also leads to your ability to have less pain, better mobility and more energy. Anyone dealing with the chronic pain of arthritis will need to fill up their health bank account the best they can in order to look better, feel better and live longer.

Over the next few articles I will describe these 3 different matrixes and provide you with some tips on how to fill your health bank account without ever making an appointment to see anybody or go anywhere.

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