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Illinois DAR State Regent visits local DAR chapter

Illinois DAR State Regent visits local DAR chapterMembers of the Stephen A. Douglas Chapter welcomed the State Regent, Gloria Flathom. The traditional photo was taken of the chapter members with the State Regent.

Attention was called to the worldwide plight of the pollinators, such as the Monarch butterfly, bees, birds and many insects because many important food crops for people, livestock and wildlife depend on pollinators. North American monarch butterflies, in particular, face loss of habitat due to climate change and the use of pesticides. Here in Illinois we can create a pollinator garden with plants that bloom from spring to fall; using native plants that are a source of food for the butterfly caterpillars.

At the end of the meeting Sheryll Herschberger of Arthur was installed as Chapter Regent and Sara Tondini of Villa Grove was installed as Chapter Vice Regent. State Regent Gloria Flathom and Chapter Treasurer Areta Joines took their oaths.

Next meeting will be lunch at 11:30 a.m. at The Smith House and then 12:30 p.m. meeting in the G.A.R. Room at the Court House.


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