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Letter: Scouting in Tuscola thanks community members

Dear Editor,
The Scouting in Tuscola Board has been touched by the generosity of both the current and former community members to help in our mission to preserve the Nunn Scouting Center; a place for our youth to meet, learn, grow and give back here in Tuscola. This historic building has seen thousands of scouts pass through its doors over the last 50 years. And recently we have witnessed first hand the generosity of local individuals and companies as they support us in our mission.

Families of scouts have seen first hand how companies in our area have donated for improvements to our building in regards to new efficient LED lighting system and more secure doors. Residents and Scout Alumni have also been an integral part in keeping the building highly maintained. Not to mention the support from IGA for providing a place for our can trailer and the whole community who fills it each month with their aluminum recycling.

We have been blessed in receiving many monetary donations from groups and individuals who believe in the impact of scouts along with the support from the City of Tuscola. It is with this combined effort that our community continues to have a safe place for our scouts to meet and the Scouting in Tuscola Board wishes to make our appreciation known to all and thank you again for your past and future donations.

Scouting in Tuscola Board
Jeremy Leonard
Mike Timlin
Denise Murawski
Rick Broch
Erica Leonard

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