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Harvest Ridge Wind Farm announces Vestas as wind turbine manufacturer

The Harvest Ridge Wind Farm proposed in northeastern Douglas County announced that Vestas, the world’s leading supplier of wind power solutions, has been selected as the manufacturer for the wind turbines.

“For nearly 40 years, Vestas wind turbines have been safely producing clean energy for communities across the globe. Since our first turbine was installed in 1979, we’ve added over 65,000 turbines around the world, and we are honored to bring our most advanced technology, built on the learnings and experiences of that track record to Douglas County,” stated Chris Brown, President of Vestas North America.

Wind turbine technology has improved substantially over the last decade. Modern wind turbines operate more efficiently and are able to access faster wind energy speeds at taller heights. These turbines result in lower power prices for consumers and the need for fewer turbines to produce the same amount of power. The Vestas turbines will be equipped with safety systems that automatically shut-down a turbine in severe weather conditions or if a technical failure is detected.

The Harvest Ridge Wind Farm will include up to 49 Vestas wind turbines, which will produce enough electricity to power 70,000 homes.

“Wind energy is one of the cleanest and safest ways to produce electricity,” stated Ryan Brown, Executive Vice President with EDP Renewables, the developer of the project. “It is also an economic development driver, bringing game-changing tax revenue to local schools, roads, fire districts, and other public services.”

The Harvest Ridge Wind Farm will pay more than $2 million in local property taxes in the first full year of its operation, and more than $50 million over the lifetime of the project.

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