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Real Life Wellness: Has the Key to Health been Discovered?

By Bill Hemmer
I attended a seminar last weekend and learned some information that almost made me fall out of my seat. I have listened to hundreds of speakers over 30 years and the one’s standing in front of me last weekend were some of the best.

As I sat there, something was said that literally sent a lightning bolt through my nervous system. He was talking about how important whole foods are to create health, which is nothing new, but then he specifically identified the part of the whole food that actually turns on or off the genes to make your cells healthy.

This part of the whole food matrix, called microRNA, was discovered in 1993 as part of the Human genome project. Back then, this discovery was brushed off as an incidental finding because the researchers had no idea what microRNA did. As time went on, other researchers discovered microRNA acts like the key to the door of the nucleus of the cell. It unlocks the door and allows other nutrients and proteins to enter the nucleus to make that cell healthy.

If the door to the nucleus of the cell won’t open, you can take all the supplements or eat as clean as you want, but you won’t make that cell healthy. This is when I almost fell out of my chair. Every type of cell throughout the body has hundreds of different keys to unlock hundreds of different doors. Nature provides the whole food matrix that contains every one of those keys, but they can only be found inside different whole foods.

The problem is, most supplements and prepared meals are not whole foods. Specific nutrients are isolated and packaged by themselves and they don’t provide the matrix containing the keys to the doors. So, we have all been trying to feel better, look better and live longer without this essential piece of information.

Once you begin to eat more of the whole food matrix and open the doors to the nucleus of your cells, your ability to heal, create energy and lose weight will continue to improve. When the nucleus of your cells is healthy, they produce better proteins, these proteins produce better hormones and these hormones control your organs better. When your organs are healthy, you stay healthy.

This revelation is fantastic because science is finally catching up with what founders of the Nutrition movement that dates back to the 1920’s and 30’s knew and preached. Weston Price, Melvin Page and Royal Lee all wrote extensively about the profound effects eating whole food grown locally and eaten fresh had on health.

It’s taken 90 years, but we should all pay attention to what these great healers knew back then, not through the scientific method, but through common sense and observation. Eat real food, grown in fertile soil as soon as you take it out of the ground. And if you can’t do that, supplement your diet with a concentrated whole food matrix to unlock the doors to a healthy cell and life.

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