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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
Brett Kavanagh has been confirmed to highest court in the land but not without first having his and his family’s lives turned upside down by vicious, partisan Democrats. As obvious and ridiculous as democrats were discovered to be throughout the process, they muddled on with their game plan. A game plan chock full of lies, deceptions, paid protesters, and fake news on display for the entire world to see. But, in the end, good triumphed bad, and America will have one of their most brilliant constitutional scholars on the Federal Supreme Court.

However, if this will be from this day forward the norm for how the confirmation process will work, just do away with it entirely and let the sitting President just pick his Justice as long as they’re qualified. What’s the point? This was nothing more than a partisan political appointment in the end anyway. You tell me how it’s possible that every Republican but one and every Democrat but one voted their party lines. Do not any of these elected Senators have a mind of their own!? I’m sorry, but it just isn’t possible that all the Republicans and all the Democrats shared their own party’s sentiments about Justice Kavanagh. How is it that, out of the 100 Senators voting, that a couple of them wouldn’t vote “present” because they were unsure, undecided, uncomfortable in their own mind as to Justice Kavanagh’s ability to take on such an extremely difficult task of that of a Supreme Court Justice. Do any of you wonder how this vote might have played out if the votes were kept secret? I certainly do.

I followed the three-month mayhem on as many news feeds as I could absorb. I wanted to hear what every one of the self-proclaimed journalists had to say about the process. I consider myself an independent voter/thinker even though I’m a registered Republican. I have voted for Democrats in general voting balloting in the past. I can tell you with certainty that I would have been just as appalled with Republicans had they attacked one of President Obama’s picks for a Supreme Court Justice like the democrats attacked President Trump’s. The system has failed us. This will now forever be a game of “I’ll get you back next time” partisan politics.

For me, there was one Senator that, at the eleventh hour, shined brighter than all others. I would have never suspected that this Senator from Maine would have me acknowledging her for a brilliant synopsis of what had transpired over 90 days, how the facts broke down or lack thereof, and how she had concluded her decision to vote “yes”. Susan Collins was a Republican on the fence with then Judge Kavanagh right after the allegations of sexual assault had leaked from the office of democratic Senator Diane Feinstein. I say this with such certainty because of her caught in the act on live television denial during the confirmation hearings. If you missed this circus moment you need to Google search the video. First she said “no” her office didn’t leak Dr. Ford’s letter. Then she turned to one of her aids behind her and said, out loud, “Did we leak the letter, no, I don’t think we did?” And, of course, the equally caught off guard aid now put on the spot with millions watching responded, “Oh no, we didn’t.” The moment paralleled one of a child’s mother asking her son if he had been eating her fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and the child responding “no mommy, not me” but with chocolate smeared on his hands, face, and teeth and a glass of milk sitting in front of him with cookie crumps floating on top!

Senator Collins got it right, every word, every conclusion after a study of the facts and the evidence presented. Her logic was spot on. She should have sold most anyone still on the fence with how to vote and who to believe. Most of us believe something traumatic happened to Dr. Ford sometime in the 80’s. Most of us think it was something of a sexual assault encounter. Most of us believe that after watching Dr. Ford’s testimony that she is troubled in her life right now and struggling for some closure with what happened to her nearly 40 years ago. But, with no witnesses, no evidence to support, and even no collaborating statements from people Dr. Ford herself named as some people that could verify her accusations, how could this have been Brett Kavanagh with even some percentage of certainty?

The democrats have fouled the air, muddied the water, cleared the room with a stench they blamed on the guy/gal next to them. Senator “Spartacus” Booker wowed the viewing audience with statements that had most wondering if he was even participating in the same debate as the rest of his colleagues. Remember him walking out after ranting unsubstantiated allegations against Judge Kavanagh during the last day of the hearings? He marched out in a big production of nothingness and probably most democrats in the room were thankful he did. Some advice to 2020 Democrats, if this guy is a presidential candidate of your party…support your Bernie!

I’m glad it’s over. I’m sorry a good man’s family had to be collateral damage caused by a bunch of Senators acting more their shoe size than their ages. I worry. Will anyone of the best qualifications ever want to be considered for a position on the bench if their life and those lives of the people most dear to him/her will be destroyed in the process? I think not. So how do we make this better? Criminal charges filed against those people, including Senators, that leak unsubstantiated criminal allegations of those nominated for a seat on the Federal Supreme Court? And maybe expanding the possibility of criminal charges against anyone that brings unsubstantiated charges against a person nominated to a position by a sitting president?

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