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Letter: Douglas County landscape will continue to evolve

Dear Editor,
I have known many residents in our community all of my life. First second and now even third generations. For we are all stewards of this land. For it is for all of our use in a sustainable way for the short time we are on this earth. Thank you for the use of the hall Lord. A phrase I learned and respected from my father. And this land has changed much in 160 years. It has not always been a garden of corn and soybeans. When our ancestors arrived the prairie grass was as tall as a man on horseback. Nothing more than a swamp. Yes the landscape as we have come to know it has changed over the years. And it will continue to evolve. There is no more breathtaking view as you travel south on the Broadlands Newman slab and round the first curve to behold the beauty of the vista before you. Then the magnificent scenery of the Fairfield Church and cemetery. Complete with a stone fence as you round the second curve coming down the hill. I believe that wind turbines and our local scenery and way of life can coexist. My father once said that he approved of wind and solar generation for power. Little would he know that it could be in his own backyard. Would all of your parents approve? And I would like to thank the Douglas County Board members for their right minded vote against the suggested EDP Renewables wind generation project moratorium.

Thank You,
Nathan House

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