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Letter: County Board decision against moratorium a question in liability

Letter to the editor,
At the September 19 Douglas County Board meeting, the members voted to not have a moratorium on the Broadlands Wind Farm that is to be located in northeastern Douglas county.

No reason was given as to why such a moratorium was not acceptable, but I have my own thoughts as to why it was rejected.

In previous meetings, a great deal of information was given to the county board regarding a wind farm and each member was given that information in print. Don Munson, the chairman of the board, reacted to the information by asking for a recommendation as to what the board should do. The presenter of the information was not a person who should have given a recommendation, and he did not, which was proper. The board should have considered the information and made a decision instead of trying to pass the buck.

The only response Chairman Munson had to the information presented to the board at that time was that he was concerned with liability issues concerning the county board. That concern was repeated a number of times, but at no time were the concerns of the citizens of Murdock and Newman Townships mentioned. Thanks a lot.

After the September 19 meeting, I realized why the Douglas County Board rejected the moratorium on the wind farm. They think they are now not liable. They think they have passed any liability onto the townships. In other words, in my opinion they shirked their responsibility and, like Pilate, can wash their hands of any wrongdoing. They can wash their hands of any right doing also.

So, all townships in Douglas county, the county board has shown that you are on your own. Actually, if you are on your own, you are in better hands than with the county board.

By the way, Mr. Munson, have meetings when the general public can attend. Not at your convenience.

Jim Allen

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