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Tuscola plant honors four heroic employees with CEO Lifesaver Award

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When Cris Irace, an administrative assistant at LyondellBasell’s Tuscola Plant started her work day one cold January morning, she never imagined it would result in saving a life.

Irace quickly took action and engaged the onsite emergency response team when a colleague began to experience a personal medical emergency, resulting in the loss of consciousness.

Rushing to the scene was Derrick Fair, Vicki Clark, and Randy Rafferty who responded with the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and CPR efforts. All three have been trained by LyondellBasell first responder’s program and have professional medical training.

Within a minute of AED use, the team resuscitated their colleague and found a pulse. The responders provided rescue breathing until the Tuscola Fire Department arrived on scene and took over from our responders.

“Looking back everything moved very quickly and our instincts just kicked in,” said Irace. “But the right steps were taken, and I am just glad at the end of the day, our colleague is OK.”

Irace, Fair, Clark, and Rafferty were recently recognized with the LyondellBasell CEO Lifesaver Award.

In addition to the employees recognized, first responders from the Tuscola Fire Department and Carle Ambulance were also presented with a plaque and heartfelt thank you.

“We were just doing what we are trained to do,” said Brian Moody, Tuscola fire chief. “This story resulted in success and a happy ending.”

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