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Back in the Day – Aug. 15, 2018

Aug. 19, 2008

Ten new personnel were hired for the 2008-09 school year in Tuscola. Cathy Chaplin, Theresa Sisk, Julie Findley, Jamie Goodman, De Ann Brookins, Kari Mahannah, Philip J. Lehman, Justin Quick, Andy Romine, and Rick Reinhart were welcomed to the district.

Pat Donnals and John “Chief AJ” Huffer attended the Guinness Book of World Records slingshot shooting event at the Amishland Red Barn in Tuscola. Huffer was attempting to set the world record in slingshot shooting.

Members of Forty Martyrs Catholic Church of Tuscola went to St. Louis on a work camp mission trip. Those who attended were Laura Frye, Kathy Frye, Brenda Knight, Anna Frye, Jeff Beals, Adam Beals, Laura Knight, and Katie Frye.

East Prairie cheerleaders held a camp at Ervin Park to prepare for the season. Squad members were Anna Martinez, Hannah Scribner, Jenna Jacobs, Sarah McCroy, Kristen Dickens, Laura Murphy, Macie Edwards, Allison Hemmer, Susan Ponder, Madison Frerichs, Carman Comerford, and Paige Stokes. The squad was coached by Elizabeth Scribner.

Aug. 18, 1998

Betsy Kleiss landed her hot air balloon, the Pink Flambanggo, on Barker Street. She had just attended the National Hot Air Ballion Championships in Rantoul.

The TCHS Class of 1973 held their 25-year reunion, and the Class of 1978 held their 20th. The Class of 1983 also held their 15-year at the Ironhorse Clubhouse.

Larry Sigler, Don Cler, and Bill Kleiss became the new owners of the Route 36 Carwash in Tuscola. They also acquired the South Sycamore Street Carwash in Villa Grove.

Steve Long and Mike Carroll claimed titles in the first Ironhorse Amateur Tournament. Long finished at 150, and Carroll held the winning total of 165.

Bob Joines was the winner of the Douglas County title golf tournament held at Kaskaskia Country Club. Carl Cochennour took second place, and Ron Strange finished third.

Aug. 16, 1988

Andrea Huber, a Tuscola native, celebrated her 29th birthday on the luckiest day of the year 8/8/88, according to the Chinese. She expressed feeling very lucky to be living her dream as an Opera singer in Germany.

Clifford Drescher received his 70-year membership lapel pin from the Masonic Lodge. Drescher had been a member since he was 21 years old.

The Women’s Morning Tennis League held competitions at Ervin Park. Undefeated winners were Carol Martin, Karen Briggs, Marilyn Hancock, and Donna Schultz. Other competitors were Lori Ford, Ann Hilgendorf, Ann Albin, Susan Hall, Brenda Leon, Barb Lake, Joan Cross, Marcia Dietrich, Rhonda McCumber, Lottie Brian, Billie Mitchell, and Clarice Schweighart.

The TCHS cheerleaders placed third, fourth, and fifth at a USCA cheerleading camp and qualified for national competition. Squad members were Heather Gaddy, Tina Turner, Carrie Purcell, Cindy McCullough, Leigh Ann Jolley, Jennifer Plaszczynski, Shelby Rahn, Missy Chappell, Tiffany Dick, and Tangie Rahe.

Aug. 17, 1978

First National Bank and Trust (FNB) named Michael D. Travelstead Chief Executive Officer and Director. Travelstead had spent 10 years working at the University Bank in Carbondale prior to being hired at FNB.

Tuscola was declared the capital of the corn and soybean world by Dan Amstutz. Dan was the president of Cargill Investor Services.

Scuba diving lessons were held at the Tuscola pool. Students received safety instructions involving rescue and first aid procedures.

Clarence Warters was elected to a one-year term as Secretary of the Illinois Soybean Program Operating Board. Mr. Warters represented District No. 11, which included Piatt, Champaign, Coles, Douglas, and Edgar counties.

Champions of the Douglas County Golf Tournament were Steve Schrader, tournament champion with a score of 145; Bernie Taylor, First Flight winner; Bob Harrison, Second Flight winner; Biz Rogers, Third Flight winner; and Everett Fitzjarrald, Flight Four winner.

Aug. 15, 1968

The South Ward school was struck by lightning causing significant damage to the chimney and roof. It was estimated that the repairs would be over $4,000.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Stout was also struck by lightning. The lightning ignited something under the kitchen floor that smoldered and burned a large hole.

Two convicts that escaped form Eddyville Prison in Kentucky were captured just north of Tuscola in a cornfield. The two men were in prison for grand larceny and burglary and faced kidnapping charges for the kidnapping of an elderly couple for use of their car.

Final arrangements were made for the Chanute Air Force marching band to appear in the Old Fashioned Days antique car parade. Area high schools were also invited to participate and compete for the “Best All-Around” trophy.

Coach Gene Murray of TCHS football had to fill two key positions. They had lost their players for fullback and center due to graduation.

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