Real Life Wellness: We have 4 Poor Health Cards to Overcome

By Bill Hemmer
We all find ourselves in the fourth generation of processed food. Most of us live a life of convenience and food being passed through a drive through window. This is the first poor health card to overcome. The second poor health card is our exercise habits have never been poorer. The third poor health card to overcome is good healthy lifestyle choices have never been harder to make. Finally, the fourth poor health card is our social interactions have never been more difficult to maintain and build upon. It’s no wonder our life span is not equally our health span.

“The US spends more than twice as much per person on health care as 21 other industrialized countries. But our health ranks dead last (as measured by the World Health Organization’s Healthy Life Expectancy: how many years of healthy life we can expect to live). It turns out that the most expensive drugs and having the most expensive procedures can be helpful or lifesaving sometimes, but for most people most of the time living a healthy lifestyle does far more to protect your health.”  Dr. John Abramson,

The first poor health card stacked against you is the popular Dietary advice we have all received for the last 100 years is wrong!!

During the same period of time as the Pharmaceutical Revolution was gaining steam, another group of pioneers were looking at our health from an entirely different point of view.

This group of pioneers was also doing world altering research and making in the 1920’s. Dr. Weston A Price, a dentist from Cleveland Ohio, sold his dental practice and set off on a journey to find out why people got cavities and to uncover the connection between cavities and chronic diseases.

He cataloged his research and published is book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. In this book he described how different tribes and groups of people who ate local organic and whole foods of their native area had a percentage of cavities of less than one percent. But when they ate what he called the “foods of commerce” into their diet, the number of cavities came back into the “normal levels” of the civilized world of the day.

His conclusion was whole foods contained complete nutrition and lead to vitality, longevity and physical beauty. The genetic expression of straight teeth, proper dental arches and symmetrical facial features were all documented in his work.

During the 1930’s, another researcher named Dr. Francis Pottenger Jr. was also making history with his famous cat studies. He demonstrated the effect of nutrition on the genetic expression of phenotypes (which is the appearance, vitality and longevity) of cats over the period of many generations. The more poorly the cats were fed the less vitality they were, the shorter they lived and less desirable aesthetic qualities the offspring expressed.

There was a third great researcher and inventor during this same time period. His name was Dr. Royal Lee. He was also trained as a dentist and was dedicated to the idea of whole foods as the only real source of health for the human population. He was best of friends with Dr. Price and studied his work as he did his own research.

The final whole food researcher of this same era was Dr. Melvin Page. He also met with Dr. Price and studied his work and then did research for more than 40 years in hospitals in Michigan to discover the exact calcium to phosphorus ratio that would not allow osteoporosis to occur (10 parts calcium to 4 parts phosphorus).

All four of these men came to the same conclusion about health. If you eat organic whole foods, exercise daily and have a social structure of support and community, you will live longer, live better and look better.

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