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Real Life Wellness: Go Big or Go Home!

By Bill Hemmer
My last 4 articles have explained health lies we have all been taught that keep us stuck. I have extracted these lies from a fabulous book, The One Thing The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

In this final article on this topic, I will explain another common health lie we have all been told…thinking Big about your health potential is wrong!

Health Lie #6
The final health lie we have all been told is that thinking big about our health goals is wrong. We have been taught think small. Big has been associated with hard, complicated, time-consuming, complex, difficult, overwhelming and intimidating. All of these words create a negative picture in your mind.

The fact is:  Big is not Bad! Big is the only way you can truly break free for your chronic lifestyle-based diseases you are currently dealing with. Little ideas lead to little results. Big ideas lead to Big results.

For more than four decades, Stanford psychologist Carol S. Dweck studied how thinking big influences your actions. She worked with children revealed there were two different mindsets, some children had a growth mindset, in other words, they thought big. The other group of children had a fixed mindset and put artificial limits on themselves and avoided failure.

The growth mindset children used better learning strategies, experienced less helplessness, exhibited more positive effort and achieved more in the classroom. They were less likely to place limits on themselves and weren’t afraid of short-term failure that would lead to breakthroughs in learning for a long-term success.

The fixed minded children were more afraid of failure than achieving success. They played it safe and rarely had extraordinary achievements in the classroom. There life was average at best. You deserve better than an average life!

The best news is you can learn to become growth minded in the same way you can learn any other habit. You just need to surround yourself with all 4 ways of the Functional Health Recovery and set your sights as Big as you can imagine. This is when the magic occurs!

There are 4 ways to recover your health and live healthy ever after these include: Attitude, Lifestyle Behaviors, Whole Food Nutrition and Movement. By combining these 4 ways your ability to reverse any chronic lifestyle-based disease is guaranteed.

These four ways will help you overcome all 6 of the health lies we have explained over the last month. Your attitude can and will change when you become empowered and learn that you can become your own healthcare provider. Your lifestyle behaviors will change also as you work through the different lies we have discussed. Eating whole foods will also help build your energy to the point that you can break free from any chronic diseases. Then, movement allows you to keep your energy up and become independent from our current sickness model of healthcare.

You deserve to live healthy ever after…don’t you?

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