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Real Life Wellness: The six health lies that will sabotage you and your functional health recovery

By Dr. Bill Hemmer
Over the next few articles, I will provide you with some key concepts to achieve your health goals by going through the best-selling book, The One Thing The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

On page 30 of The ONE THING it states the Six Lies. We are going to narrow the focus of these lies even further and concentrate only on the reversal of your chronic lifestyle-based diseases. Therefore, we are going to dive deeply into each of the six health lies as it relates to your Functional Health Recovery.

I was exposed to this book in 2013. It was a life-changing experience. The main question that comes out of this book is, “What’s the ONE THING you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” This question sounds very simple…and it is. But it is the single hardest thing you can attempt to do…and stick to, in your life.

The first part of this book explains why we have all fallen short in our health because of the 6 health lies that we have all been hoodwinked into believing.

These six health lies are:

  1. Everything about your Health Challenges Matters Equally
  2. Multitasking while working your Functional Health Partnership will allow you to get better results in a shorter period of time
  3. You have not lived a Disciplined Life and that is why you are currently dealing with your chronic health conditions
  4. Your Lack of Willpower is a huge factor of your current poor health and your Willpower is always there when you need it
  5. You can live a Balanced Healthy Life and have better results in a shorter period of time
  6. Thinking Big is a Bad Idea when it comes to your health

Health Lie #1

The first health lie is every aspect of your health matters equally. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you start with exercise, or diet, or reducing stress, or balancing your blood sugar, they all are equally important and will get you to the best results if you work on them all at the same time.

How has that worked for you in the past?

I know, it hasn’t worked for me either…and for good reason. This reason was discovered back in the 19th century by a little know economist named Vilfredo Pareto. He wrote that 80 percent of the land at that time was owned by only 20 percent of the people.

Then in the 1930’s a man by the name of Joseph M. Juran applied Pareto’s Principle (a term Mr. Juran coined, also known as the 80/20 rule) to the General Motors Quality Control Handbook. His results of this principle is more than impressive.

Mr. Juran expanded on Pareto’s Principle and stated 80 percent of any results comes from just 20 percent on the effort you produce. Basically, 80 percent of your day is wasted on producing only 20 percent of your results. But in that other 20 percent of your day, you rock 80 percent of your results.

So, what if you could increase those things you do in that 20 percent of your daily tasks to 40 percent or 60 percent? Could you speed up your results to 160 percent or 240 percent? I say yes…and have found this occurring over and over again. But the hard part is always uncovering the top 20 percent activities most important for you right now.

Next week, I will continue to debunk the other Health Lies we have all been told and how to break free from them.

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