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Real Life Wellness: How do you stay Motivated?

By Dr. Bill Hemmer

This is one of the most common questions I hear in my office. It makes people feel bad about themselves that they can’t seem to do what they know they need to do to recover their health. This article is designed to help you learn more about motivation and how you can use what I call the Motivation Ascension to learn to keep your motivation at its highest level.

This simple concept also allows you to break free from the healthcare jail we all find ourselves in right now and begins to empower each of us to become our own healthcare provider over time. It has only been around the last 200 years that we actually had a Doctor to go to. You can learn to take care of yourself again and only need outside health education on special occasions if you learn from Nature’s wisdom.

On the left side of the image above is where most of us start their journey. We don’t know we don’t know. You can feel like a victim. You must be told what to do. Other people are in charge of your health.

As you continue your modern healthcare liberation education, you discover what you don’t know, and you begin to feel the power of knowledge. This is the second stage you will go through in your motivational ascension. This is usually when people seek guidance from a healthcare provider. Most people discover how much they can really do for themselves and go into action with a plan to take control of their health during this stage.

Once you cross the next threshold and decide to take charge of your own healthcare in the third stage of motivational ascension, you go into action, you need to find people and support to speed your knowledge, results, and freedom from chronic diseases.

This is only necessary for so long, because once you learn to take care of yourself again, your ability to live healthy ever after is complete and you can continue living as You at Your Best. Once you achieve this final stage, your only goal is to leave a legacy of health and prosperity for your family, community, and world around you.

We all want to be free from disease and be able to live life on our own terms. This is what makes America great. But we have all been lulled into a false sense that we need to have someone else take care of our health for us. We have been told healthcare is too complicated and only certain people can understand and help us.

By using the concept of Motivation Ascension, we all can break free from this idea. I know it seems I’m trying to put myself out of business talking about this, but my ultimate goal is to help the most people I can get their health back. Only about 15 percent of the population sees chiropractors as a viable option for healthcare, so I’m attempting to appeal to the other 85 percent with these articles that I would never reach otherwise.

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