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Health Points: National Public Health Week April 2-8

As you read this article in your weekly newspaper, National Public Health Week, April 2-8 is being observed across the nation. Douglas County celebrates 52 years of the services of a health department ensuring the good health and safety of their citizens and visitors.

The Illinois Department of Public Health chose to focus on a different topic each week day, which include Behavioral Health, Communicable Diseases, Environmental Health, Injury and Violence Prevention, and Ensuring the Right to Health.

At the Douglas County Health Department there is a focus on these five topics every day as our citizens receive wellness testing, wellness services, oral health/dental services, environmental services, nursing/WIC services, and community outreach. When services are not available within the offerings of the health department, the health department staff acts as a clearing house referring people to the appropriate agency providing the required service.

The Department also acts in an advocacy role looking for new avenues of providing services needed by its citizens by working with other agencies, seeking grants, and facilitating the creation of services when feasible.

The department has been in support of a hotline 2-1-1 where Douglas County residents can call any hour, any day, for any questions about services available for Douglas County residents some of which are available but not necessarily in Douglas County.

The Douglas County Health Department provides information not only in person and over the telephone, but also in local newspapers, on the department’s website, and through social media i.e. facebook and twitter. Questions are always welcomed whether it be electronically, through the mail or by telephoning 217-253-4137.

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