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Students learn about incredible, edible egg

This month in Ag in the Classroom we discussed chickens and eggs. We discussed that eggs contain minerals and vitamins along with protein. The high-quality protein in eggs is an excellent economical and nutritional choice.

America’s egg farmers use a multitude of housing systems for chickens. Hens are provided with adequate space, nutritious feed, clean water and light. Farming practices range from modern systems to free-range. Farmers know that quality care is vital to the hens and their laying productivity. Chickens are fed a balanced diet of corn, wheat or milo with vitamins and minerals added to the diet. Hormones are never used in U.S. egg production. Hens lay an egg every 24-26 hours. Most eggs reach grocery stores just one day after being laid.

Students made fun, clucking chicken cups in the classrooms.

Save time by hard-cooking eggs on the weekend so you have ready-to-go breakfast for the weekdays. For more information about eggs, visit Douglas County Ag in the Classroom is sponsored by Douglas County Farm Bureau, Douglas County Farm Service Agency and Illinois Ag in the Classroom.

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