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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
Historical event or publicity grab? Rocket Man vs. The Deal Maker. There has to be a movie script already being penned as we go to press! What am I talking about you ask? If you’re someone who chooses to keep their life less complicated and less worrisome by not watching world news events, then maybe you’ve not heard that North Korean Leader Kim Jung Un has requested a meeting with our President Donald Trump A.S.A.P.! It’s a big deal for sure. Don’t believe me; even some of the most liberal loud mouths inclusive of many anti-Trump anything Democrats are excited and hopeful that this meeting will take place.

Twenty years of past Republican and Democrat presidential administrations failed to put their thumbs down on this kid and his deceased father in order to prevent either from reaching the ability to successfully produce and launch nuclear weapons. If you believe the experts, Rocket Man, I think more appropriate Rocket Boy, is just months away from being able to strike California with a nuclear warhead(s). North Korea is already capable of wiping the South Korean population out. The human casualty damage North Korean could inflict on the populations of Japan and Guam would also be dramatic. Remember, the effects of the aftermath of nuclear explosions could affect the quality of life for five generations that follow.

President Trump has inflicted the greatest economical damage to North Korea through trade and banking sanctions than any president before him. Could someone please tell me, why? Why was it that Bush One, Bush Two, Clinton, nor Obama didn’t just do the very things in their 20 years that President Trump has done in just one year?!! Had one of these guys started with effective sanctions years ago don’t you think that just maybe the North Korean’s would have never reached their nuclear capabilities that the world is now scrambling to get under control? But no, our past administrations were either not capable of figuring out what to do or just not interested enough to do anything. Leave it for the next shift was their irresponsible thoughts.

I’m not convinced this meeting will ever take place. Kim Jung Un is a stubby little man looking to stand in the light of the world stage and this moment today has gotten him closer than ever to the leading role. I think he will make unreasonable requests of the United States knowing full well Americans will reject most. Then he will use the media to blame a no deal on President Trump. Trump will be painted the bad guy because he wouldn’t give a little to make the deal. Rocket Man won’t get the billions of dollars in economic aide in exchange for more false promises like he and his father were able to do dealing with the Bush’s, Clinton, and Obama. I fear the United States will eventually need to make a preemptive military strike somewhere in North Korea in order to convince Kim Jung Un that President Trump is not only the new Sheriff in town, but the only Sheriff that wears a gun and not afraid to use it. Unlike the past four presidents who apparently pinned on the badge but holstered bananas on their gun belts, soft and weak.

Believe me, I don’t want a few hundred people to die so that many thousands more people won’t die. This historical meeting is of great importance to be successful so that world order may be maintained. The people of the United States will be both the heroes and the goats should a war breakout. Fortunately the conflict of a war will be short but the refugee mayhem will be tremendous. Americans will be expected to pay for the monetary fix, because it was us that fired the first and last shots. There is no denying for history has taught us this over the past 60 plus years. Americans blow up the dilapidated old structures and infrastructures of our enemies and replace them with newer and better ones than our enemies could have ever afforded in the first place! Wow, so who really won these wars?

I’m sounding like a broken record, but, I say again, love him, hate him, or a little of both, President Trump is doing things better and faster than any president in my generation surpassing my favorite Ronald Reagan. We are learning more each week how incredibly irresponsible our Federal elected officials were running our government. What has been going on in Washington, D.C., for the past 20 years makes me and most average Joes angry. Mostly I’m angry because I have been made to feel stupid because I didn’t figure it out. Such wasteful spending of your money and mine for decades. I want to know how much money has been spent just on parties and grand events that you and I paid for but would never be allowed to attend unless we were cleaning tables, sweeping floors, doing the dishes, and parking cars at minimum wage.

Presidential administrations of 20 years prior gained them Hollywood celebrity status. Book deals, movie deals, speech appearances, clothing labels, and name loaning is where the big money is after being elected president here. President Trump had to happen, if for no other reason, to wake the rest of us up and show us how we have been taken and used as pawns in a game we didn’t even know we were in. Exposure of corrupt officials, deals, no deals, regulation, and excessive purchasing would never had been known by the little people, you and me, had Donald Trump or someone like him not been elected President of the United States.

Can you only imagine the craziness that might be going on had Hillary Clinton been elected? She and husband Bill may even end up in criminal court. They acted reckless and careless because there was no need to act any differently because after all, Hillary was supposed to be the next president. The Obama administration is the cause of the deteriorating confidence of the FBI and DOJ. There were a few bad apples on top dripping down and stinking up and sliming up the rest of the basket. Why? Because these rotten souls feared not because….Hillary was supposed to be elected president. Our Constitution has been violated, and innocent Americans have been illegally spied on and harassed because they dared to support a wild card. A wild card with ideas we have learned that establishment Washington was scared to death of what and who he might expose.

Expose he is doing and continues to do so. President Trump himself has been on the receiving end of his own scandals. I’m sure he knew there would be some of these embarrassing moments, but his base voters continue to band even tighter in defiance of the left as each rumor or non-rumor activity of old unfolds. I think the majority of voters today are me, average Joes, and we average Joes don’t care much of what Donald Trump had maybe done in the past. What we do care about is what President Trump is doing now and plans on doing as our president moving forward.

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