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Letter: Retired teachers support Smith

As retired teachers, we understand the importance of experienced leadership for our schools. That is why we support Michael Smith for Superintendent of Regional Office of Education #11. We cannot afford the status quo. We need a change. We need someone who can build and foster a positive working relationship with all schools within our region, where an honest exchange of ideas and concerns can take place without negative consequences or reprisals. We need someone who has the support of area administrators who respect the office and the person who holds that office. We need someone who understands the roles of every educator in our region. We need to elect Michael N. Smith.

Michael has over twenty years of experience in education as a superintendent, principal, teacher, and coach. He works hard to provide the best for his students, his staff, and the community while maintaining professionalism in every aspect of his life. Michael is not afraid to make tough decisions and to take a stand to implement those decisions. He is not an administrator who closes his office door. He feels a responsibility to be a part of the daily life of every building in his district. He attends evening and weekend events and makes it a priority to keep the community informed daily through social media.

Serving as Regional Superintendent should not be determined merely by friendships and social circles. It must be based on experience, credentials, and commitment. Michael’s business degree has provided him with the training to ensure fiscal solvency for his school districts. Included in his platform is a regional vocational/trades school which is vital for many of our students to be successful citizens of the 21st century. Above all, Michael understands the shared vested interest every member of the education community and citizens should feel in our public schools. He has been a mentor to many area educators. State elected leaders have sought his advice on how to best serve their constituents regarding education policy.

Yes, we are proud to say that Michael is also a member of our family. We have seen first-hand what an outstanding leader and educator he is. Please join us

in supporting the best candidate for ROE #11 Superintendent and vote for Michael N. Smith in the Republican primary on March 20th.

Nancy and Tom Brachbill
Shelby County, Illinois

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