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City Council moves forward with solar energy code

By Kayleigh Rahn
The Tuscola City Council during its meeting Monday, March 12 took the initial step in the eventual adoption a solar energy building code ordinance.

“As discussed at the last meeting, we are proposing adoption of the 2015 International Solar Energy Provisions,” said city administrator Drew Hoel. “State law requires 30 days of notice to the Illinois Building Commission prior to adoption of a new code.”

The approval of the resolution allowed city building inspector Mike Salmon to submit a notice to the state commission, as required, before the formal ordinance is brought before the council for final vote Monday, April 23.

The ordinance will outline a permit process required for installation of solar panels, or photovoltaic cells, Hoel said.

In other business, the council resolved an annual housekeeping item within the Tax Increment Financing funds by rescinding remaining balances of prior TIF awards. This is typically completed prior to the new fiscal year.

“Typically these are amounts that were unused simply because the project came in under budget, or an element of the project was not completed,” Hoel wrote in his monthly report.

The council rescinded $125 from the Masonic Lodge, $15,000 from the Tuscola Moose Lodge (which opted against reworking the parking lot), and $1,162.78 from Tony and Sarah Vitale for Joe’s Pizza (which was completed without the funds.)

Council member Danny Cleland served as mayor pro tem in Mayor Dan Kleiss’ absence.

The council also:

  • Approved the Kiwanis Prescription Drug Drop Off at Ervin Park on April 28.
  • Approved a fundraising request from the American Legion of Poppy Sales on April 21.
  • Approved a Community Building lease with alcohol for the Pheasants Forever Dinner on March 24.
  • Approved the payment of bills in the amount of $99,310.24.
  • Approved the minutes from the Feb. 26 meeting.
  • Adjourned until 7:30 p.m. Monday, March 26.

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