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Real Life Wellness: Fueling Your Health Miracle

By Bill Hemmer

You can’t go a day without seeing someone on social media posting a selfie or a testimony about their health miracle. They lost 50 pounds in 12 weeks. They climbed a mountain after someone told them a year ago they would never walk again. These stories are very inspiring but can also be depressing at the same time.

Don’t you want that to be you? Do you ever wonder why you can’t be that person? I know I have, but what I have learned after 30 years in practice is that it is not your fault you don’t know how to get healthy and stay healthy. The power to control your health has been slowly stripped from you and you become confused about what to do next. So, you do nothing.

It’s time to take control of your health back. If you sit down and decide which of the four areas of health (eating, attitude, community or movement) you need to focus your attention on right now, then it’s time to move forward. You instinctively know which is your worst area right now. Acknowledge it and build a plan to create your own health miracle.

My definition of health miracle is easy. If you can create more joy and energy in your life that brings hope for your future, that’s a health miracle in my book. Hope is an extremely strong emotion. Without hope, people die. Every one of those stories I talked about at the beginning of this article creates joy and hope for the individual and gives us hope that we can accomplish the same thing.

Everybody can become hopeful. Hope will fuel your health miracle.

Now that you identified which of the four areas you need to work on first, it’s time to decide a specific anchor you are going to work toward to accomplish your health miracle. An anchor can be anything. Weight loss, a fitness goal, a feeling of joy from joining or participating in a group are all examples of anchors you can use. If you don’t have an anchor, you will never know when you get there.

Your anchor must also stir a strong emotion within you. Emotion is the fuel for health miracles. Most of the time, your anchor must be linked to something outside yourself also. You would have done this already if it was just for yourself. Think bigger. Think about your loved ones, your community, your country anybody or anything that will inspire you to take action.

The next step is really tough. You have to write down every aspect of what your health miracle will look like when you complete it. It has to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and with a specific time attached to it. This is called a SMART goal. Once you have made your SMART goal, then you have to write your emotional anchor next to your SMART goal.

Next week we will explain the next step in this process…accountability!

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