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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
I had a conversation with a good friend about the two FBI agents who have been in the news front and center for several weeks recently. Each day now a few more text messages between the two are being recovered and exposed to us so we might draw our own conclusions as to what’s happened in the past and still today. Most of us that finally caved from using our kinda safe flip phones to now completely unsafe smart phones are beginning to understand that everything we do on these pocket computers is forever available.

I understand that all of what we do with these pocket computers is banked either willingly or unwillingly into something called The Cloud. It could be there are other secret information gathering systems out there that also grab everything traveling viral and storing it under a different code name like maybe: The Moon, The Sun, The Star, Mars, Saturn, and my personal favorite possibility; Uranus. Anyway, agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are on the hot seat for test messages they exchanged, and it seems also, hot for each other. It’s alleged they were, maybe still are, both having extra marital affairs prior to this scandal.

The two had allegedly exchanged text messages with one another demeaning Donald Trump; which is okay and their right for sure. What’s problematic though is their text messages concerning gathering information connecting President Trump and as many Russians as possible in an election collusion conspiracy. Remember, these are FBI agents. These are supposed to be the people we trust most when we believe every other law enforcement agency has failed us. Most of us want to believe these agents pick sides only for the instant they step behind the curtain and color in the circle, Democrat or Republican.

Then after they secure their ballots in the proper ballot boxes they remain 100 percent dedicated to the current president and the soon-to-be-named new president. If any of the men or women of the FBI cannot put their politics aside then they need to step away and from the Bureau. All of the rest of us trust that the agents of the FBI are “clean” and dedicated to the absolute enforcement of the Constitution of the United States regardless of their own personal feelings. I myself have gotten to know and work with many FBI agents in my 37 years of law enforcement. Trust me when I tell you that I have never believed any were anything but upstanding and dedicated to the cause of law enforcement equal and fair.

So how did it happen that a few agents at the top, buried in the bureaucracy and politics of Washington, D.C., politics fail their duties? Was this pressure from their bosses? Was this their personal flag to carry? Did they truly believe that Donald Trump would cause America to fail as a nation if elected? Did they believe Donald Trump would use the nuclear option without thought? The answer to all of these is the same; it didn’t matter! Their job is to support this president like the last, whatever the order, unless Congress has stepped in a by majority and by rule of law changed those orders!

We have proceeded into dangerous territory if we discover at the end of all of this chaos and hysteria that a majority at the FBI have used their power to try to influence the election of the President of The United States. It will be even worse if we learn that his same majority have attempted to “frame” this president into the appearance he has committed crimes against the government. Will we learn that members of the FBI illegally used their positions to convince the American citizens that President Trump colluded with Russians? If so who is the real enemy of the state? How does the FBI recover from this? What if President Obama knew what was going on the entire time and did nothing? We are truly in a sad state of affairs right now.

I’ve told all of you how I hate the cold and hope to die someplace where it’s warm. With all that’s going on in America right now I’m looking into the cost of sailing myself, the Shelby, the Trans Am, cat Leo, the SuperGlide, and the few cloths I own to Australia. I’ve studied up on Australia recently and concluded I can avoid the poisonous snakes and scorpions long enough to finish out my years. From what I’ve learned Australia is a place where as long as you mind your own business, work, acquire a taste for one of the native beers, swear, bar brawl occasionally, just for fun of course, and are willing to box with a kangaroo in a public forum, life is good down under! If I have room on my boat do you wanna go with?

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