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Back in the Day – Jan. 31, 2018

Feb. 5, 2008

The Warrior Babes were a big hit with their performance during vote counting at the IDTA dance competition. Warriorettes Anna Marx and Meghan Teak taught the Babes their dance moves. The Warriorettes also earned the second place trophy in the competition.

Douglas County Engineer, Jim Crane, sought answers from the Department of Energy as to what happened to the assurances given to the four finalists of the Future-Gen site. They were told they would have a clean site to use for other similar projects, if not chosen for the Future-Gen projection. The DOE pulled all of its financial commitments from the project, and had proposed there be several commercial plants in multiple states, instead of one research and development facility. Interested communities were invited to participate in another competitive process for the sites. When Douglas County Board Chairman, Chuck Knox, was asked if Douglas County would try for one of the sites, he replied, “My feeling is we are not going to go into that rat race again.”

Feb. 3, 1998

The Cabot Corporation agreed to convert 3.5 acres of farmland into a wildlife habitat. The agreement came with an approximate $10,000 per year for 15 years to the Douglas County Pheasants Forever chapter.

Cecilia Borries earned first place in the Tuscola Public Library’s coloring contest for the 9-year-old age group. Kailia Kuhlman was the winner for the younger age group. Both girls won a book and stuffed animal.

The Factory Stores of Tuscola announced the winner of their “Twelve Days of Christmas” contest. Patricia Bain won a $500 shopping spree.

Bryan Lake was chosen to sing with the All-State Honors Choir at the 50th Illinois Music Educators Association meeting in Peoria.

Feb. 2, 1988

Don Fontana of Tuscola received the Volunteer Award for his work as a pilot with Lifeline, Inc. Cabot, Inc. presented him with an award along with a $1,000 donation to Lifeline, Inc. on his behalf.

Judge Lincoln’s decision to allow cross examination of an expert witness in a medical malpractice suit created a new law for Illinois. Becoming a part of Illinois Law history, the decision could be used as a reference as a basis for arguments in future cases.

Susan Harris of Tuscola was nominated by Congressman Terry Bruce to enter in a competitive opportunity at the U.S. Military Academy. Two individuals were selected for each opportunity.

Warrior cheerleaders took second place in the Little Okaw Valley competition. They fell behind Bement cheerleaders by only one point.

The boys’ basketball team won the Little Okaw Valley Championship game 83-49. High scorers in the game were Roger Warner, Rob Taylor, Steve Weemer, and Matt Washburn.

Lady Warriors’ seniors Susan Harris, Beth Baird, Lisa Schultz, Jennifer Drake, and Heidi Hettinger were honored with yellow roses by their coach, Jerry Blaudow, for their 18-6 first quarter lead against the Villa Grove Lady Blue Devils.

Feb. 2, 1978

Nearly the entire edition of the newspaper on this date 40 years ago covered the crippling blizzard that not only affected Tuscola, but most of the state, as well. Today, people still talk about “the blizzard of ’78.” It was quite an event! Motorist were stranded all along I-57, among other roadways, or stuck in houses of friends and relatives in other towns. Some were stranded wherever there was a place for them; in Tuscola, that was the Tuscola Community Building. Many, though, were stranded for as much as 27 hours in their vehicles along the roadways. Some were without heat for several hours until they were rescued. A.E. Kleiss and his road crews worked on the roads for days before getting them cleared. Fire chief, Dennis Dietrich and his department worked diligently with rescues. Residents, such as Wayne Doud and Rick Marsh, were out on their snowmobiles giving people rides to work and assisting with rescues. USI and Cabot employees were taken to work by train. Snowdrifts were as high as rooftops, and some vehicles were completely buried under the snow.

Feb. 1, 1968

Pom Pon Corps was a new thing at TCHS. The first squad members were Debbie Lyons, Melinda Ringer, Connie Schrodt, Judy Kanitz, Nancy O’Brian, Jill Ragsdale, Esther Skinner, Debbie Summerlot, Nancy Alexander, Debbie Allen, Linda Pugh, Janet Broady, and Becky Hettinger. They danced routines and provided entertainment in many TCHS functions.

Janet Pugh received the Betty Crocker Award for ranking first in a written home-making knowledge and aptitude test that was given to Tuscola High School senior girls.

Sheriff Gene Miller organized a pigeon hunt for marksmen in Tuscola. Les Dick, Johnny Jones, Rick Marsh, Jack Brown, John Ingrum, Lewis Hettinger, and Master Brown were part of the hunt.

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