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By Craig Hastings
Bear with me as I strain to be bipartisan in my politics for a week. It’s true I keep an open mind and stay center most of the time, but in these times of world turmoil I’m leaning right because I like President Trump’s tough talk and willingness to back it up.

I remember well Obama’s red line he allegedly drew in his sandbox and dared Syrian President Assad to cross. Assad promptly kicked that sand in Obama’s face, and Obama ran in the house crying for Michelle. President Trump on the other hand blew a Syrian military airport to bits when Assad failed to heed his warning. Back to my politics. On my side of the aisle I want to see this Russian collusion investigation of President Trump to its end. If there is any evidence out there that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that President Trump joined with Russian operatives to illegally influence the 2016 election process the American people need to know it. We also need to know if there isn’t any evidence to the contrary. And beyond this we need to know if this investigation was launched for political retribution for ousting the Democrats from the Oval Office. If this happened we should know by whom and were any laws broken to make it happen.

And now let’s talk about what prompted this column. The breaking news this week reported the Clinton Foundation money trails will finally be hiked (investigated).

Even if you’re a died in the wool democrat you should want answers concerning the hundreds of millions of dollars funneled into the Clinton Foundation, from whom, from where, and how much was paid back out to employees. How much has been paid to Bill and daughter Chelsea Clinton and just how much money has actually been spent helping those in need around the world? I want to know that the Russian/Hillary/uranium deal details will also at long last be investigated. Don’t you wonder why in the world and how in the world the United States would make any deals with Russia to provide them with control of any amount of any of our natural resources? This is Russia we’re talking about here! That big red reset button Hillary gifted to the Russian Foreign Minister turned out to be nothing more than a big red clown costume nose that glowed vividly against her black pant (clown) suit.

Democrats around the country, this is your chance to score big with the American voters. I think most all of you are as suspicious as the Republicans as to the Clinton crime story (alleged). If I were a democrat I would be all over this demanding answers. If it’s proved the Clintons broke any laws the democrats who supported the investigation would score big with the voters. If no crimes are discovered, the Clintons have become politically irrelevant anyway. Nothing to lose and possibly much to gain. Did anyone really believe Chelsea was going to get a chance to run for president anyway? Really? That was the 20-year plan. First get Chelsea elected to a House or Senate seat for a few years, main stream media (fake news) the heck out of every word she spoke and when the time is right; on to the Presidency!

Fortunately for me by then I’ll probably be living my second existence in some place Ancient Aliens has mapped out for me. However I do have two sons to think about so no, Chelsea needs to just live her life spending the millions her parents conned from others. I fear 2018 will be a repeat of 2017 in the world of politics. More money scandals. More sex scandals. More implications of more politicians losing their minds. More tweets that probably shouldn’t have been tweeted. And finally, an even greater divide between all races in America. I follow all of this news closely, and I can’t imagine much of a change in any of this in the next three years. Fortunately, the real things that matter to the rest of Americans are getting better. The stock market continues improving and breaking records, the jobless rate has decreased, tax cut legislation has been passed, and illegal immigration is down. Fortunately, President Trump has skin that repels criticism like the feathers of a duck repel water. Unfortunately, sometimes when he speaks it sounds as though he’s also quacking like a duck.

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  1. Robin Callaway Welch on July 31, 2018 at 10:16 am

    You are spot on!

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