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One Minute with an Educator

Name: Coach Beth Pugh

Years in education: 32 years

Subject/Grade assignment this school year: 5th-8th grade physical education and 7th grade health

What was your favorite subject in school? Physical education

What is your favorite weekend activity? Spending time with my kids. It might be a movie or going to a game.

What is your favorite holiday? Christmas

What are you most looking forward to in your curriculum this month? It isn’t this month, but this semester we will be doing our survivor unit in PE. The students really work together, and that makes it fun.

What are your students learning this week? In health we will be doing conflict resolution.

What is your greatest motivator as a teacher? A motivation that keeps me going, is watching the students succeed and accomplish their goals. One student comes to mind every time. This was one of my first years coaching in fact we were in the old North Ward gym. While the players were warming up one player came to me very excited and wanted to show me something she had worked on. The day before we had done a lot of lay-ups, and she struggled a bit. She went home and worked on her lay-ups until she was able to do them correctly. To see her excitement and how proud she was of her accomplishment makes me want to keep helping kids.

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