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One Minute with an Educator: Darcey Voyles

Darcey Voyles

Name: Darcey Voyles

Years in education: This is my 14th year teaching with 13 of those years at TCHS.

Subject/Grade assignment this school year: I teach sophomore English II, Dual Credit English 101 & 102 for seniors, and Public Speaking for sophomores through seniors.

What was your favorite subject in school? When I was in school, I truly enjoyed every class. English was always a highlight, but I loved all of them – from Latin to history and even physics and biology.

What is your favorite weekend activity? After a long week at school, I usually relax with a good book and spend time with my family.

What is your favorite holiday? Without a doubt, my favorite holiday is the Fourth of July. Growing up my family always celebrated my birthday on the Fourth, so for much of my childhood, I thought the fireworks were specifically for my birthday. Sometimes I still tell myself that.

What are you most looking forward to in your curriculum this month? As January marks a new semester, I am eager to start a mythology unit with my sophomores. After that we will move into a drama unit with one of my favorite Shakespeare plays “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.”

What are your students learning this week? Considering that school is on break right now, I can almost guarantee that most students are binging on Netflix.

What is your greatest motivator as a teacher? As an educator, I love to form positive relationships with my students and watch them grow and develop into mature young adults. I also love to see that light bulb moment of epiphany when they finally “get it” and understand the concept we have covered.

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