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By Craig Hastings
Okay, if you didn’t think I was a bit weird before you may now when I tell you I watch a cable program series called “Ancient Aliens”. I don’t just watch when I happen to be scanning through the networks when bored. No, I seek this series out and stay on point until it’s over. Fortunately for me many episodes will run one after another for a few hours. Yes I’ve seen most of them already, but I always pick up on something I missed from the first viewing. I think I miss some narrative when I’m trying to digest something else that has boggled my mind for a minute or two.

On today’s show Ancient Aliens theorists explain a life cycle in which at least some of us have the well-organized ant insect in our genetic code. Yep, I watched as the program experts took me on a trip around the world and showed me all the stone carvings and rock paintings depicting ant-like humans controlling the civilizations in those parts of the world. And, these humans with ant-like antenna and human head features came from the heavens via space craft. Remember also that these same carvings, paintings, and passed down generational conversations were discovered in many parts of the world including….the American Indians! How is this possible?

Most of us probably haven’t ever heard much about the ant connection, but we have seen multiple armed humans in paintings, statues, and stone face carvings someplace or another, i.e., books, television, school history class, etc. Never did I connect the multiple legged ant with multiple armed humans I’ve seen depicted in ancient history studies and television programming.  After the producers had me on track with the ant connection they eased me into a notion that maybe, just maybe, we have various other insect traits about our behavior. Hmmm.

This is little unnerving for me because as a young child, ages say 6 years to 12 years, I was every summer day when the sun was shining hunting for ant colonies. I pulled a Radio Flyer wagon all over the neighborhood with spade in hand and at the ready. I dug black ants up and set them in my wagon next to red ants and for the rest of the afternoon I watched them battle to protect their queens. I would stack dirt clods in castle-like structures in the wagon and put the queen inside. You see, wherever the queen was is where the rest of the colony members I stole from their home base will gather. They know where she’s at by smell and move quickly to defend her. I’m worried. If all this ant connection is true will I be punished in my after life for intentionally making war among the ants?

Thinking about this now I’m guilty of another crime against the ant. I used to use a magnifying glass and the sunlight to toast a few of them crossing the sidewalk in front of our house! I’m doomed for sure. Did all of you know that the entire colony is made up of females but only a small percentage are born to reproduce and thus become queens of their own colonies some day. Yeah, yeah, males are born to live a few short weeks only to fly off with a newborn queens. They mate in flight and soon after the males die! Wow, who was in charge of this species life cycle design?!! Had to be another female I think.

Well from now forward I’ve decided to either wait on an ant to cross when in my path to avoid stepping on it or, I’ll just take another route to avoid any contact. Hang on; there’s another. The praying mantis is another insect in which humans have been compared. Again, in several places throughout the world praying mantis-like human carvings and paintings have been discovered. Again, all have outer space arrival depicted in the same discoveries. I haven’t come to my own conclusion or theory of my own yet. I’ll continue to watch. Fortunately for me, I’ve always been a fan of the praying mantis. I’ve always handled them carefully and treated them with respect. I can’t remember ever taking the life of one on purpose. I’ve got my antenna crossed in hopes of ending up in the praying mantis party in the afterlife if I have to become an insect.

These Ancient Alien theorists are not denouncing the Adam and Eve idea either. Instead I think they also believe that humans became such from other means of DNA mixing either by chance or by intention. Intentionally mixed by aliens from other worlds. It’s all deep, very deep ideologies of these theorists who are searching, studying, and exploring to explain the way too many, “How in the world?” and ”Why in the world?” carvings, paintings, rock formations, sky writings, religious beliefs of others, and…UFOs still seen in the sky to date. Ants can carry ten times their weight and move at an equivalent speed to us of 100 mph. I can’t do either so I guess there’s no ant blood running through my veins, right?

Shannon and son Lukas laugh and scoff at me when I’m zoned out watching this program. They won’t even give the ideas and theories of an outside influence from another world being part of “us”. I’m interested because there are truly way too many things from thousands of years ago that shouldn’t have been that are still with us today. I think I want to know the hows and whys but, maybe I’ll wish I hadn’t if I ever do. What I do believe for sure is that there are people, especially in our government, that know things that might scare the rest of us into hiding in a deep underground tunnel for the rest of our days. I do absolutely believe Earth has been visited from beings of another world at some point in time during our evolving intelligence.

Now are we still being visited, watched, and studied? I’m not sure, but I grade the question a strong “maybe.” I have two thoughts to share with you from watching “Ancient Aliens”. One: I believe in our biblical God and Jesus. I believe them to be far superior to any others should any have ever existed in our past. After all, we are still here and continue to thrive. Two: I believe that I especially need to stay on my toes and watch out for ants that may try to sneak up on me! I’m going to continue to study their ways and strategize for my defense if attacked for all my misdeeds done to their species in my younger years! I’ve got several magnifying glasses and insect killer sprays at the ready if needed at any given moment! I can relax these winter months, because I know from experience they go into an idle mode underground during the winter.

I have lots more to discuss on the subject and will share my thoughts as I watch and develop my own conclusions. In the mean time, not to worry because I’m on it! And why in the world did I write about this…a bit of humor is good for the soul. I may not be the only one of us in trouble with the ants either. Just how many of you have bought one of those mail order “Ant Farms.” Then a week or so later you received your dozen or so ants via the mail. You then dropped the ants that survived their postal service torture in with the white sand or special ant farm gel you got with the plastic farm. Finally, for a few weeks you watched them work themselves to death tunneling through the sand or gel to prepare the colony for a queen that would never join them in the farm. Did you know that without a queen they would not survive? Did you know you couldn’t get a queen mailed to you because it’s illegal to mail her? Hmmm, this boat I’m in is suddenly getting a bit more crowded! Save my spot I’ll be right back. I’m getting off to go buy more magnifying glasses and bug spray!

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