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Back in the Day–Dec. 20, 2017

Dec. 25, 2007

County board thanks state and local FutureGen team members for their efforts. Board chairman Chuck Knox was very proud of the effort put forth by the local community members and leaders.

The Holiday Inn changed ownership. The Tuscola Management Group, Inc. bought the Holiday Inn Express, along with Tonya’z from Tuscola Hotel Group, LLC.

TCHS and East Prairie students council members collected gifts for area children through a toy drive. Money was raised and donated to help children in the area, .

The Douglas County Health Department’s addition for the dental/medical clinic was nearly complete.

The announcement that public places were going smoke free Jan. 1 was made.

The Warriors basketball team beat Westville in the St. Joe holiday tournament by 30 points, 81-51.

John Wienke was named one of the finalists for the national Joe Montana Quarterback of the Year award.

Dec. 23, 1997

Ole St. Nick was busy making his rounds. He (Jim Zliet) visited North Ward Elementary school, where he sang, told stories, and passed out candy canes.

Santa (ABC member Jack Ledbetter), along with his special helper (Auxillary member Patti Groves) visited the Douglas Manor and Nightingale nursing homes. Other ABC and Auxillary members were also there singing Christmas carols to the residents.

Kalee Rutledge won a 6-foot-tall, goody-filled stocking from Sav-Mor, and Diana Herring raffled off her Princess Bear to benefit BETHS place.

The city approved the Amishland Acres development, but a few steps remained to be taken. Around the same time, Otha Smalling retired as owner/operator of Monical’s Pizza after 30 years. His son, Richard, was named to take his place.

Senior quarterback Dusty Burk, chose a college where he would be continuing his football career. After much consideration, Burk chose to attend ISU.

Oct. 22, 1987

Businesses were recovering from water damage caused by 4 inches of snow and heavy rain. Ben Franklin was one of the worst, with water soaked aisles and merchandise. IGA had a small amount of water in their paper department that they were able to clean up pretty quickly. The First National Bank and Douglas County Office Products were also experiencing some minor leaking issues caused by the storm.

Satellite dish owners were facing possible ordinance violations. Their satellites were believed to be a structure, which would require a building permit to install. It was suggested that changing the language in the ordinance to make “structures” include the term “accessory buildings.” This would prohibit people from being allowed to place their satellites in their front yards without a permit. The suggestion was sent to the City Council for their vote.

North Ward’s Christmas program “Christmas On Main Street” packed the auditorium.

Dec. 16, 1977

Farmers rallied in Tuscola in support of a plea for 100 percent of parity that farmers out east took to Congress. Large and small vehicles joined in on the drive that began in the Oakland-Newman Area. Tractors blocked both lanes of traffic, at times, preventing vehicles from passing.

The Douglas County Sheriff (Gene Wiggall) appointed two full-time deputy sheriffs to his department. Robert “Bob” Matteson of Villa Grove and Roy Bonner of Tuscola were the two appointees.

The Viking 6000 SL complete sewing unit was a popular Christmas wish for women. Sue’s Yarn and Fabrics on Barker Street in Tuscola had them for sale, $100 off for Christmas.

Many shops in Tuscola were extending their hours to make Christmas shopping more convenient. Carpenter’s Clothing, Matinee, Gambles, Mitchell’s, and Flock Electronics were all listed as participating stores.

Dec. 21, 1967

Hilcrest, Meadowview, Parkview, and Southland Acres were described as a “rewarding sight for those who enjoy beautiful Christmas decorations…” Life size Santas, candy canes, elves, and Nativity scenes were popular décor.

Carleen Cain was selected as “Oustanding Young Women of America.” DAR- SAR award winners were Mary Hoke and John Cox.

The American Business Club held a children’s party. Santa was pictured surrounded by a large group of “eager children.”

All of the business in town had “Merry Christmas” and “Season’s Greetings” advertisements in the paper. Among them were The Hillard Agency, Cabot Corporation, Ben Franklin, Mitchells, Shirley Hausman’s Beauty Shop, Kelseys Furniture, F. H. Jones Lumber Co., Ralph Allen Body Shop, Gambles, Tuscola Milk Co., Aldridge Jewelry Store, IGA, Matinee Store, Mills Pharmacy, Bissey’s, DeKalb, Pettitt’s, Kerasotes Strand Theatre, Ellis Appliance & Service, Montgomery Ward, Monical’s Pizza, Vogue Beauty Salon, and the Kandy Kitchen.

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