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Around the Halls

By Caleigh Parsley

Tuscola High School SADD’s challenges continued on Monday, Dec. 11: give everyone the benefit of the doubt instead of assuming they have poor intentions; Tuesday, Dec. 12: give a mint, a piece of gum, or a piece of candy to someone who least expects it – and gum was passed out to students’ in the junior hall after second hour by Dalton and Sydney Hoel; Wednesday, Dec. 13: put something back where it belongs instead of expecting someone else to do it; Thursday, Dec. 14: give your time to someone today, whether that means lending an ear, a hand, or a shoulder; Friday, Dec. 14: be patient and understanding with the people you interact with during this busy holiday season, you never know what they are going through; Monday, Dec. 18: receive all criticism with gratitude today, looking for some lesson within it – even if the only lesson is to have a thicker skin and take things less personally; and our last day will be Tuesday, Dec. 19. Again, please join us with these.

At SADD’s December Chapter meeting on Tuesday the 12th, they had Tuscola Police Department Officers Fulk and Thurston guest speak. We are trying to develop a partnership with them; having lunches with them in the cafeteria periodically and working with them for prevention measures. SADD also has an adorable “Rock the Belt” Christmas Tree in front of the far north trophy case, encouraging everyone to buckle up – especially through the holidays’.

From Monday, Dec. 11 until Thursday, Dec. 14, FCCLA did a Secret Santa with 14 TCHS faculty members and 13 FCCLA members. This was the first time we’ve done this, but everyone had a blast giving, receiving and finding out; the suspense was driving most insane! Friday at lunch was the big reveal…

Tuscola Key Club had their Christmas party Thursday night, Dec. 14. As Sabrina Alcorn said, “it was a great break from the Nightmare Before Finals!” About 10 members were there, including an alumna and former Vice President Ashley Mattingly. They also made around 45 dog toys to donate. It was a very good turnout with some food, of course, and fun was had by all who came.

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